Dress Code

Appropriate dress means that students will be dressed in clothes that are respectful, neat and clean. Such clothing should reflect the increasing physical maturity of the junior and intermediate students. All student attire must be in keeping with our Catholic teachings and beliefs, and reflect principles of modesty and shall not include the following:

  • Halter tops, tank tops, spaghetti strap tops (narrower in width than 3 fingers) or tube tops
  • Half t-shirts, tops with cut-outs, tops made of mesh or netting type material
  • Short shorts or skirts
  • Low necklines, front or back
  • Language and/or representation (pictures) on attire that indicates gang affiliation and/or depicts violence, profanity or discrimination of any kind whatsoever or that otherwise demeans an identifiable individual or group
  • Accessories not in keeping with the spirit of the Dress Code as determined by the local school

Tops, pants, shorts and skirts must cover the entire midriff.