EQAO beginning for Gr. 3 and 6 students

EQAO testing will begin on Tues. May 23, 2017- June 5, 2017  with students in grade 3 and grade 6.

EQAO, or  Education Equality and Accountability Office, creates reading, writing and mathematics tests that Ontario students must take in Grades 3, 6, 9.

We are very proud of all our students at SES for their hard work this year in all subject areas. They have persevered and put forth their best efforts to learn many new ideas and concepts.

Please note that testing results from EQAO gives us some important information about what students have learned, but these scores do not tell us everything about your child. Standardized tests do not always assess all of what makes a child special and unique. The people that create the tests and mark them do not know students they way family and friends do. They do not know that students can speak another language, or play an instrument, or be a good friend, or play sports, or be a good brother or sister. Please keep in mind that the scores you receive from EQAO will tell you something, but not everything.